Why being competitive online, is more important now than it’s ever been

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How to fight back online, when your competitors just seem to have the upper hand.


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Time to fight back, online

side note:  It’s not a fair fight anymore!

Business people in South Africa have been doing business the old fashioned way for far too long now.

There is a whole new school of thought leaders emerging in the South African business market, that are ditching the old techniques of sales reps and cold calling, and reverting to the new school.

New School – It’s a brave new world

Using online marketing has been a foreign concept for most SME’s in South Africa.  But as for companies start to learn and grow with the digital age, it becomes more apparent that having a digital online presence has not just become a luxury.

But indeed a necessity.

Here are a few ways you can level the playing field:


  • Have a Website developed:  Having a website today means a few things:
    • It needs to be Mobile friendly (responsive)
    • Mobile friendly / Responsive website
      Why being mobile friendly is essential

      CMS platform (for this we recommend going with WordPress CMS standing for Content Management System.  A WordPress website is what you are looking at right now.  ?

    • E-commerce ready website.  Selling online and having your products and pricing available at all times.
    • SEO is extremely important so make sure your website is optimized for search engines
    • Social Media integration:  Will get your page ranking higher faster with social integration directly onto your website.
    • Video:  Google and Zen Monkey really really loves video, so make sure you have a custom video produced for your business.  This will also push up your ranking.


  • Social Media presence that works for you
  • We recommend having a professional Social media audit & strategy done first for your new social media or existing presence.  Using these guidelines will produce far higher success rates when setting up and running your social media.
  • Make sure you have a content marketing package
  • Use video marketing
  • Use community engagement
    what to do and what not to do digital marketing Centurion
    what to do and what not to do digital marketing Centurion


    Online paid marketing options:


  • PPC or pay per click marketing is a great way to get ahead of your competition quickly.
  • Targeted keyword marketing
  • Search engine marketing


How to Use SEO and what it is:


  • Search engine optimization is the profession of optimizing your website to rank higher in Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (but let’s be honest most people use Google)
  • Creation of powerful backlinks
  • Onpage optimization simply means to craft the wording of your site, meta tags, page titles and targeted keywords to the keywords that your clients will be Google’ing (trademarked)
  • SEO does take time, so be patient.  You won’t be on the first page in a week!
SEO - Search engine optimization Centurion
Search Engine optimization Centurion


If you can apply these 4 elements to your new online presence with a dedicated and expertly driven digital marketing company behind it, with strategy and using your metrics wisely you can only win at this online race.


Your competitors are already online, are you?

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