Welcome to our new clients!

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Just a quick shout out to our new members!

Firstly thank you for joining our ever growing clients list.  Secondly, thanks for being awesome!

The bone yard official logo

Based in the beautiful heart of Centurion.  The Bone yard offers an amazing selection of American style smoked food.

Yes, you heard right.  Think Diners, Drive ins and dives.

Smoked ribs and brisket.  And their boozy specials will delight all.


Secondly our new client Big William Bishop from Fuzigish and his amazing Big Willy’s Chilli sauces!


Big Willy's Chilli Logo

Check out his new website proudly,

Designed, Developed and hosted

by Zen Monkey Media

Check it out


We would also like to Welcome some more of our clients!

Thanks Neil and Mark from AMA Towing

and MDF Dents

And a quick shout out to Yannis & Fehmida our competition winners from last month!  Congratulations on your free website!


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