Say hello to our newest Social Media clients!

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A big shout out and thank you for Veronique Palmer from Lets Collaborate for signing up with us today for social media management with the Zen Monkeys!

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In Addition we would like to welcome Bizpoint Bootcamps!  Really excited about this one we are, sharing entrepreneurial vision with South Africans across the board!  If you own a business you should really sign up for this one!



Join the conversation online today!



It’s been a busy week here at Zen Monkey HQ we would also like to welcome Handy Men in Motion! We look forward to building your social media following and engaging with your clients across the board.





Find them online today and get them in motion to your next project.







And last but not least we would like to introduce a project that we are personally very proud of (ps:  we’re also building their new flagship website)

My Lifes Journal 2 U








Need to leave a lasting memory, online for generations to come.  Sign up today to their newsletter and let the memories come pouring out.

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