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Giving some thought of starting a business?

So many things to consider, right? So many factors and so decisions to be made.  From business plans, to marketing strategies, financial implications for start up capital to consider.

So…my next question is, have you given any thought on your online presence?  Have you given any thought about it.  Because lets be honest.  A business that isn’t online, in the words of Bill gates…

So taking that into consideration.  Just how much thought have you given to your business having an online presence.

Lets look at a few factors…

Your First answer would be your website, if you have one…right?  The common mistake among new business entrepreneurs is that …”all I have to do is get a website done, and Ill be one the first page of Google”…

Not so fast, it’s just not that simple.

Here is a free checklist that we have included for you

Google ranking Factors

Download your free checklist here

Download your free checklist here

Now let’s Talk about your website.  Was it built professionally? Is it optimized for mobile devices, as most people these days will use their cellphones to look for your website.

A few important keynotes to remember when doing a website:

  • Hosting – (don’t go “el-cheapo” simply because the cheap often times restricts you on what you can do with your hosting, i.e. uploads, ability to install WordPress ect.)
  • Domain registration – (Domain registration – choose a domain name that isnt too long, but still reflects your core branding and easy to remember)
  • Ensure that you get email hosting and support with it – (nobody wants a email server that crashes and you dont have a support package)
  • Maintenance and support – (Cannot stress this enough, things go wrong sometimes make sure you have a support package to troubleshoot errors.)
  • SSL Certificates – (Many people ask me 1. What is a SSL certificate and 2.  Why do I need one. – The simple answer is, a SSL certificate ads a layer of bank type encryption to your website, that will essentially hacker proof your site, also it lends credibility to your site, especially if you are running an online store or e-commerce business.)
  • Have your site built on a platform like WordPress, as WordPress runs on a CMS or (Content management system) which means you can easily run it yourself and update the site and blogs whenever you want to.

Now we have covered the basic.  But having an online presence, or atleast an effective one.  Is much much more than just having a website.

And just having a website will NEVER guarantee that you will rank well on Google.  As we touched on earlier in this article on Google ranking factors.

The next thing you will need to consider is your Social Media presence.

According to the good folks at Hootsuite, the worlds leading social media management systems (ps:  we use it too)

Here are 7 factors that you cannot ignore.

  • Learn about your customers and connect with your audience
  • Reach a new audience locally and globally
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain market share
  • Create meaningful relationships that generate leads
  • An affordable way to increase brand awareness
  • Establish your business as an industry expert and expand your professional network

Read the full article here …read more

Other Factors that are important and that tie into how well your site will rank is the fact that having your Website and your Social Media integrated.

What this means is simply this, your Social Media platforms need to be linked to your website and vice versa.  This drives traffic in both directions, and have become a standard in digital marketing of late.

And if you are not integrated, you will have annoyed customers who can’t find your social Media pages or can’t find your website from your social media.

Which at the end of the day will just leave you sitting squarely outside of where your competitors who have done is, is getting the business.


I hope that I helped you get to grips with the basics today.

In our next article we will cover things like, why PPC and Search Engine marketing is critically important to your success.  We will also cover more indepth about the different kinds of websites, the questions you need to be asking and, what makes for Good or bad social media management, making sure you are getting bang for your buck.


Feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions.  And do remember, Zen Monkey Media is a fully fledged Digital marketing / Creative agency and we can assist you even more in-depth in a free consultation.

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