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Introducing the New way to Market your business in Centurion Go2Hub

G2H the new way to market in centurion
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Go2Hub Centurion.  Are you struggling to get your Marketing out in a meaningful way using traditional online avenues?  Getting frustrated by spending large amounts of revenue to do so and still not getting results?


Introducing G2H the new way of marketing your business, online.

Go2Hub or G2H as we lovingly refer to it, sets a new standard in marketing your business in Centurion.  G2H was built by Centurions for Centurions.

How it works is really simple:

Once you have registered your business with us the process is as simple as 1..2..3..

We will create a beautiful page on our site for you, that will be inline with your branding.  It will link to your website and social media.


Where the real beauty of Go2Hub comes in is in its simplicity.  Sign up and the leave the rest to us.  Our Social Media and PPC marketing experts will set to work

What are the benefits?

Well that’s an easy one:


  • Business listing on the website With a sub-page for your business
  • Links to all your online equity
  • We share from our Website directly to your Social media and our own social media channels including search engine marketing.
  • We will send our bloggers to your premises to do an article that will be featured in our website and social media
  • Mailing lists:  Your business will be listed in our Email campaigns
  • Video!  Yes, you heard right we offer video production as part of your package when we go around to shoot at our clients you will be included in a short segment showcasing your business.
  • H2G is a online directory website with a difference, we pay attention to detail and you are our business so we market for Centurions by Centurions
  • Easy to find searching index
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Watch this video for more info

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTq19ONH1pg” mode=”normal” align=”left” description=”Go2Hub Centurion Lifestyle website” upload_date=”2017/05/15″ /]

Keep your eye on this space and please do contact us for more info:

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