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Need a wireless solution that works

Whether for your home or business, we have got you covered.


Is your ADSL connection bugging you and not reliable?  Is certain service providers letting you down?  Tired of waiting for weeks on end for your line to be sorted out, while your family and business suffer for it?

We will source the best solution for you, and provide you with the very best in Wireless connectivity and Fibre solutions.


Whats the benefits

Every business requires a reliable internet connection that won't let you down. We will provide you with a solution that works for you.

  • No pesky telephone lines
  • No expensive LTE connections that provide only limited data
  • No more waiting for weeks and weeks to get a new line
  • No more waiting to have your line restored
  • No more call centers that don't solve your problem
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What we offer

We offer a solution that will suite you.  Wireless and fibre lines for your home and business premises.

Not only do we service a wide service area but we offer you ease of mind.  No more wires and bad connections.  With wireless technology its as simple as a quick site survey, if your home or business is viable we will install and you will have internet within 3 – 24 hours.

Quick turn around time and professional service.

Enjoy complete flexibility and great connectivity today.

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